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Welcome to The Wet Lab San Diegos first community science platform for collaborative research and education

Anyone is welcome to attend our events or become a member . Our members include professional scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, biophiles, and scientifically-curious people of all backgrounds.We believe that science should be open, fun, accessible, and affordable to all.

Please follow our news blog and events page for the recent Wet Lab and local science-related news and events.

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What is the Wet Lab?

The Wet Lab is a platform for scientific discourse, independent scientific research and science outreach.

Members of the Wet Lab discuss and share scientific ideas, participate in journal clubs and science discussion groups, as well as create and participate in science workshops, scientific research, and other science outreach events.

The wet lab provides a low-overhead research stack to members with an idea, providing researchers the means to quickly test, iterate and grow their project. Components of the stack include: access to shared resources, a community of volunteers and collaborators, peer review, fundraising and marketing tools, as well as a co-working space with shared equipment (in progress).

The Wet Lab also provides professional scientists with an outreach platform to educate and give back to the public via scientific lectures and educational workshops .

Wet Lab Mission

Our Mission

We live in an exciting time where knowledge and scientific discovery is rapidly expanding. This explosion of information creates opportunities for even greater discovery as scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs rapidly progress towards solutions for global issues such as cures for disease, improved health and wellness, and ecological sustainability.

The Wet Lab is located in San Diego, a hub for cutting edge research and biomedical discoveries. It serves the region by communicating breakthrough research from local San Diego research institutions and bringing the latest research techniques to the public while offering opportunities for members to create and take part in scientific projects of public interest.

The Wet Lab achieves this mission through:

1. A free Lecture Series that brings the latest research and innovations from leading San Diego research institutions and biotech companies to the public
2. A free Workshop Series that provides hands-on demonstrations of contemporary scientific research methods and techniques
3. Opportunities for independent scientific research projects
4. Study groups and journal clubs where members discuss recent discoveries and share research ideas

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The Wet Lab Needs a Lab Space!

The Wet Lab is looking for new laboratory space in San Diego to accommodate our developing research needs and goals. Our space will need to be at least 500 sq. ft. have a sink, power outlets, and fire sprinklers.

Please contact us if you have any leads for a laboratory space, are interested in a partnership of shared space, or are interested in a sponsorship of a space that we could use to further community science and education.

For the latest news about our lab space and other Wet Lab activities please follow our news blog .