Journal Club

Scientific inquiry, ideas and design are fueled by engaged and informed dialogue and debate. The Wet Lab hosts monthly Journal Club meetings to foster intellectual camaraderie between our members, to keep up to date with the latest discoveries, and/or to discuss a specified topic of interest.

Each Journal Club will have a presenter who will choose the topic of discussion, provide any materials pertaining to the topic, and lead the discussion.

All participants must come prepared to debate, discuss and synthesize new ideas, as we hang out in a coffee house or a brewery.

Come join us! Before you know it, you will be looking forward to attending this monthly meetings as it creeps into your social calendar.

Please check our Journal Club Events page to keep up to date with our meetings.

Thank You Journal Club

Thanks so much for the thoughtful discussion about the Data Science for Democracy paper at the journal club last week. Im incorporating your feedback into the paper and I believe it has improved the quality of the paper and its content. Thanks so much for the thoughtful insights and discussion! Submitting it in a couple weeks to the conference. Looking forward to the next JC!